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Readers are Leaders and Leaders are Readers

What is inside effects what you see on the outside

Repetition is the mother of learning.

The answers are in the questions

The best parents are no-excuses parents

Parenting is a learned skill

Modeling is the most powerful of all teachers

Action now is almost always better than later

Humility is the cornerstone of leadership

Trust must be earned

Parenting never really ends. It changes

I can only change me

What to Avoid

Asking Incorrect Questions (IQ?s) that begin with "Why" "When" and "Who"

Why questions lead to victim thinking and complaining.

When questions lead to procrastination

Who Questions lead to blame and finger pointing.

QBQ questions begin with words "What" or "How" Not "Why", "When" or "Who"

QBQ contains the personal pronoun "I" not "they" "you" or even "we"

QBQ?s always focus on action


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